The Pilgrim's Progress: The Video Game is a game made by Scott Cawthon. It is one of Scott Cawthon's later games.


*Twenty-one locations from the novel rendered as beautiful computer generated landscapes.
  • A battle system that focuses on spiritual warfare with emphasis on the importance of prayer and God's blessings.
  • Includes many characters and conversations from the novel!
  • Includes familiar enemies such as Beelzebub, Apollyon and Giant Despair. Also introduces new foes!
  • A rich quest system that lets you help people throughout the game, encouraging players to not just reach the end but to make a difference!

The GameEdit

Hope Animation has released a Pilgrim’s Progress 3D animated film and a video game based on John Bunyan’s novel.  This novel was published in 1678 and is about a pilgrim named Christian who is on a journey to get cleansed of his sins and enter the celestial city.  Along his travels he’ll meet many friends and enemies that both encourage and discourage him.  Each of these characters is aptly named.  For example, when you talk to “Atheist” he will tell you that he does not believe in God or the existence of Heaven.  

The Pilgrim's Progress is a cross between a Plat former and a Role Playing Game.  There are some areas with jumping puzzles, and when it comes to fighting your enemies, the way you configure your character makes all the difference.  There's a strategy guide available that gives suggested builds for offense, defense, and making well rounded characters.  I took the well rounded approach but if I were to do it again, I would allocate more points into Spirit (health) and less into Prayer until the end.

Christian’s journey begins in his home town, the City of Destruction.  You must first walk to the pedestal where you get your objectives and experience points for completing various quests.  Your first mission is to warn the citizens of their impending doom.  To do this, you just have to walk up to a person and press the up key.  Once you have warned everyone, go back to the pedestal and gain your reward.When your experience bar on the bottom fills up, you will gain a level.  For each level you can allocate points in:

  • Guard – Defense
  • Prayer – Enables power-ups in battle
  • Wisdom – Protects you from enemy attacks
  • Zeal – Your speed in battle
  • Spirit – Health

For every five levels you can put a point in the following Focus Points:

  • Holiness-Increases the damage per second to your Holiness attack
  • Blessings-Reduces the cool down for using Blessings
  • Preparedness-lets you start a battle with an additional 10 points of your base stats
  • Thankfulness-Allows you to earn more experience from enemy battles

As you can see, there’s a lot of ways you can configure your character.  While you cannot change your base stats, you can reset and reconfigure your focus points. 

Trivia Edit

  • In 2007, Scott Cawthon uploaded a gameplay footage of this game to his Youtube account.
  • The Pilgrim's Progress: The Video Game was one of Scott's first well known games.
  • Three of the enemies in the game appear in two of Scott's later games: Tempter in Golden Galaxy, Dogfight & Souldozer in FNAF World.
  • There's a rare chance of seeing Dogfight flying in the background of Vanity Fair.