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20 Useless Apps is a game developed and published by Scott Cawthon.


In this game you have 20 in-game "apps" to play, such as Useless Names, Locate Your Evil Twin, Pet Rock Sim, Germs on Finger, Apocalypse Odds, etc....

Description Edit

The game's description on iOS AppStore:

Yes, 20 Useless Apps, from an egg-laying simulator to a scanner that counts the bacteria on your finger! This all-in-one useless app collection has it all! See what it's like to be dead using the death simulator! Witness breakthrough cliff-jumping A.I. technology! This useless collection has it all!

Apps Edit

All 20 in-game "apps" in 20 Useless Apps.

  • Locate Evil Twin - In Locate Evil Twin, the game randomly picks a location where your "secret evil twin" is right now. The description of the "app" is: Everyone has a evil twin out there. Find yours!
  • Apocalypse Odds - After pretend-scanning for multiple resources, the "app" tells you the odds of the world ending today.
  • Am I Stupid? - First, you have to tap a pig on the screen couple times (it moves each time you tap it). Then a text appears, saying Yes.
  • Germs on Finger - The "app" says how many germs you have on your fingertip (not for real, of course, the amount of germs is picked completely randomly,
  • Useless names - As the title suggests, it gives you a random name based on three categories: A knight, a dinosaur, and a polygon.
  • App Detect - Description: This app will detect the app you are currently using.
  • Tedious Shooter - A space shooter with no music, just the sound effect it makes when you shoot something.
  • Grass Sim - The most realistic grass-growing simulator ever created!
  • Death Sim - Just a black screen and a text that says how long have you been dead.
  • Thumb Gym - Gives you a set of 3 different things to do with your thumb, burning 1 calorie every time you complete 3 things.
  • Fortune Cookie - Gives you a random - and rather odd - fortune.
  • Tic-Tac-Two - Play Tic-Tac-Toe against a computer, But there's a catch. You always win because there's only 4 spots to pick.
  • Tickle-Me-Phone - By tapping the phone it starts laughing. While it laughs, there can be seen a text that says "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!".
  • Balloon lotto - Takes forever and if you win the lotto, normally by building up insane amounts of tokens, it shows an image of a balloon
  • Egg-laying Sim - A hen lays an egg and the game sends you back to the app selection screen.
  • Emoney Printer - It's kind of like a clicker game without the clicking.
  • Pet Rock Sim - Parody of the virtual pet- apps. You can feed, pet and give the rock a bath and nothing really happens. Description of the "app" is Behaves exactly like a real pet rock! Amazing!!!!!!
  • Rigged Crane - Even though it's hard, you can still do it. It never ends.
  • Pit Jumper - An impossible pit jumping game
  • Coin Flipper - Flips a coin. Either heads or tails... or epic tails and pig tails... ect.

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